By Steven Speers

Unverified Personal Gnosis

Much of what I will discuss will be what many describe as “UPG”. So I would like to begin there.

Unverified Personal Gnosis, or UPG, is something one KNOWS to be true but often cannot be objectively proven, especially to one who is centered on skepticism or doubt. So while I cite the Eddas and Sagas and do not discount their significant value in any way, my discussions and perspective are esoteric, not academic, and many of the things I hold as Truths are not going to be readily cross referenced from this text or that translation.

An understanding based on Inner Truths is deeper and more relevant to an organic Folkway than reconstructionism based on static dogma. It is fine to memorize information, but if it is just a collection of facts and not something you explore and add to, you will only go so far, only see so much.

A blind man will never see a rainbow, no matter how vividly it is described, and no one who sees requires to be told what they can see for themselves. One may need direction, such as, “Look over there…”, but either you recognize it or you don’t. As the saying goes, there are three types: those who see, those who see when shown, and those who cannot see.

Let us see together in this journey we call life.

Hail the Folk!


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