By Steven Speers

We are the Bifrost.

     We are the Bifrost. The Veil or barrier between Realms is pushed or stretched from an Ethereal Realm to a Corporeal Realm or Plane of Existence and can be described as forming a tube or tunnel, a two dimensional representation would appear to be a “rainbow bridge”. An oscillating, shimmering tether. We speak of the Bifrost that connects Asgard to Midgard because that is what is relevant to us.

     Jotuns have a “Bifrost” that connects them to Jotunheim. The Alfar have a “Bifrost” that connects them to Alfheim. The Svartalfar to Svartlheim. And so on and so forth.

     This is the reason we have a whorl at the crown of our heads. This is why our fingertips reduce to small circles. This is why the hairs on our arms lays a certain way. What we call a body is just a manifestation of the Consciousness that animates it, and it was formed by folding an opening in on itself. We are “alive” for as long as we are able to maintain the necessary rate of oscillation. After that, the field disintegrates, and the matter that was manipulated returns to it’s inert form, a grey ashy dust.

     This is the meaning of destroying the Bifrost at Ragnarok. The European Folk are the Bifrost. Quite plainly, Ethnic Genocide. Through Lif and Lifthrasir we have evidence that the Sons of Muspelheim will not be wholly successful in their endeavors, but this also serves to underscore the severity of the circumstances that it comes down to two, one man and one woman, to carry on, to reopen the Bifrost. To ensure that we endure.

Hail the Folk!


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