By Steven Speers

Frigga and Freya

I will state empirically that Frigga and Freya are distinct and separate Entities. I’m not ignorant as to their similarities, but that is all they are, similarities. Similar qualities, shared characteristics.

  Nowhere in all the Lore is Frigga stated to have a brother, much more likely to be mentioned would be a twin brother, as with Frey and Freya. This alone to me is ample evidence that two separate and distinct entities are being discussed.

  Let us also look to their lineages. Freya is of the Vanir. Her father is Njord, of the Vanir. Nowhere does our Lore state anything about a paternal relationship between Frigga and Njord. Nowhere does our Lore state anything about any association between Frigga and the Vanir.

  Frigga and Freya have distinct Halls, roles, and associations. Frigga is not known for having cats, Freya is not known for working a distaff. Freya was wed to Odin after the Aesir-Vanir War, Frigga is the Queen of Asgard and first wife of Odin. Frigga is Greatest of Matrons and Sanctifier of the Hearth, Freya wanders the Realms seeking her lost love and her domain is the sensuality of femininity as opposed to the maternal aspects embodied by Frigga.

  Frigga has as little to do with Folkvangr as Freya does with Fensalir. Their homes do not overlap or resemble each other in any way. They are as distinct and unique as Frigga and Freya are to each other.

  Freya has the Brisingaman and is not spoken of in association with keys, while Frigga is known for wearing a ring of keys at her belt and nothing is said about her wearing a necklace of note. I don’t see one as interchangeable for the other.

  Attempts to merge or compare the two disregards the sanctity of each of their respective jurisdictions, regardless of how you rank or associate with them each in your own personal practices. I personally connect to Frigga much more so than Freya, yet I love cats and without fail have a feline companion. I feel resonance with Fensalir that I don’t with Folkvangr.

  Nothing in our Lore indicates the faceted, compartmentalized view that is involved in seeing Frigga and Freya as one and the same. It is a reductionist mentality that does a disservice to the vibrant tapestry that is our Lore.

  When seen in this light it is hard to justify comparing the two. This isn’t an argument of which is better, or one being “based off” the other, or any of that nonsense. I hope this helps to understand not only the layered interplay of the social structure of the Aesir but the layered interconnected facets of your life.

Hail the Folk!

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  1. Magnus Odinson

    I love reading everything you write. you are wealth of knowledge


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