We are the Bifrost.

     We are the Bifrost. The Veil or barrier between Realms is pushed or stretched from an Ethereal Realm to a Corporeal Realm or Plane of Existence and can be described as forming a tube or tunnel, a two dimensional representation would appear to be a "rainbow...

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Odin is the All-Father

"Odin is the All-Father, not the Some-Father!"      I have seen this statement being thrown around misleadingly to justify Universalist Heathenry and want to explain how and why this is erroneous and inaccurate. It is used to imply that since Odin is known by the name...

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Perspecitive in the Lore

When reading the Lore, or anything, for that matter, it is important to have an understanding of how much perception is relevant to the way information is presented. Not doing this has led to a great many misconceptions regarding what is recorded by those long gone....

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Traditions are the solutions to a problem you forgot. But there is a REASON for everything our Ancestors did. There is a significance to every act and aspect of our Traditions. The reason we begin Yule on the Winter Solstice is because once the Solstice occurs, the...

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Unverified Personal Gnosis

Much of what I will discuss will be what many describe as "UPG". So I would like to begin there. Unverified Personal Gnosis, or UPG, is something one KNOWS to be true but often cannot be objectively proven, especially to one who is centered on skepticism or doubt. So...

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