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Steven Speers is a writer who brings decades of experience from a broad spectrum of subjects and disciplines to offer a truly living, organic insight regarding the esoteric and metaphysical realities we are immersed in. Elder Futhark by Steven Speers is the author’s first published work.

Hagalaz grants a new perspective on the Abundance of Fehu by forcing you to do without. On the Strength of Uruz by making you feel weak. On the Primal Power of Thurisaz by leaving you drained. On the Insight of Ansuz by demonstrating how much more there is to understand. On your Journey with Raido by putting you back to square one. On the Inspiration of Kenaz by facing darker times. On the Reciprocity of Gebo by leaving you with nothing to offer. On the Contentment of Wunjo by taking it all away.

– Elder Futhark by Steven Speers


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April 10, 2021 • Bismarck, ND

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Elder Futhark Personal Divination Methods

The Elder Futhark Runes are a proto-Germanic cypher that is both phonetic as well as esoteric in Nature. This means that each Rune has an associated vocal as well as Metaphysical value.  While similarities and parallels exist between the Futhark and other forms of...

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Why I Don’t Incorporate Merkstave

One of the things I do not bother with in my divination practices is Merkstave positions of the Runes. For those unfamiliar with the term, Merkstave indicates that a rune is upside down or reversed. This indicates an inverse meaning to the forces in question. Strength...

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Frigga and Freya

I will state empirically that Frigga and Freya are distinct and separate Entities. I'm not ignorant as to their similarities, but that is all they are, similarities. Similar qualities, shared characteristics.   Nowhere in all the Lore is Frigga stated to have a...

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