Elder Futhark Personal Divination Methods

The Elder Futhark Runes are a proto-Germanic cypher that is both phonetic as well as esoteric in Nature. This means that each Rune has an associated vocal as well as Metaphysical value.  While similarities and parallels exist between the Futhark and other forms of...

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Why I Don’t Incorporate Merkstave

One of the things I do not bother with in my divination practices is Merkstave positions of the Runes. For those unfamiliar with the term, Merkstave indicates that a rune is upside down or reversed. This indicates an inverse meaning to the forces in question. Strength...

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Frigga and Freya

I will state empirically that Frigga and Freya are distinct and separate Entities. I'm not ignorant as to their similarities, but that is all they are, similarities. Similar qualities, shared characteristics.   Nowhere in all the Lore is Frigga stated to have a...

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The Nature of Divination

To understand the nature and function of divination one must understand the nature and function of the temporal dimension and what is labeled as "time". The associated Entities of the Norns, and Mother Frigga, have much to teach us in this respect.   The Norns,...

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Ostara is the celebration modern Easter traditions are based upon. The Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs, the feasting and all of it are taken directly from our ancient history and were things our Ancestors refused to forsake. And now that Folkish Heathenry is being...

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Consistency in Loyalty

  I have seen a cancerous trend that is prevalent in Norse Paganism, Asatru, Heathenry, whatever label you choose to apply to those who claim to Honor the Aesir and associated Entities within the Lore. This is most often expressed through claims of worshipping both...

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