By Steven Speers

Consistency in Loyalty

  I have seen a cancerous trend that is prevalent in Norse Paganism, Asatru, Heathenry, whatever label you choose to apply to those who claim to Honor the Aesir and associated Entities within the Lore. This is most often expressed through claims of worshipping both Odin and Fenris, but I have also made note of the “pantheists” as they like to refer to themselves who engage in behaviors that are just as contradictory by treating the various Entities in vastly and distinctly different pantheons and spiritual practices as “free agents” that are so desperate for YOUR “devotion” they will “sign” with whomever. I will discuss each logical fallacy in turn.

  Most often it is merely aesthetic appeal and a lack of genuine spiritual connection that drives these behaviors. Claims of “supporting balance”, “embracing the totality of creation”, “respecting the forces of destruction and creation”, and other vacuous rhetoric used to justify conflicting behaviors are wholly disingenuous.

  You cannot be Loyal to “Dave” and be Loyal to “Ed” who intends to kill “Dave” or engage in any other malicious acts directed at “Dave” or those associated with “Dave”. To be Loyal to one, is to be disloyal to the other, and vice versa. This stems from a complete ignorance of the very concept of Loyalty.

  There is another facet to this, which is the Nature of “worship” and the act of seeking to Exhalt. The assertion that since an Entity is “more powerful/ancient/fill in the blank” that it is “deserving” of worship and it is foolish not to give devotion to all the Entities spoken of throughout the Lore. This mentality of subservience is rooted in fear based thought and weakness. Why would ANY Entity desire “supporters” who embody those qualities? Ponder that.

  I do not worship anything. I instead Honor the Aesir and my Ancestors. I keep them alive through my words and deeds, I build on their successes and learn from their mistakes. I Honor them by not repeating their follies, instead by avoiding those pitfalls as any caring individual would have it. I do not double down on the poor choices made by others in the past to amplify the issue I could be learning from and correcting. That is how I Honor the Aesir, my Ancestors, and my Folk.

  Yet another facet of this pattern of incongruity is quite simply the desire to be edgy, to look “badass”. There are those who are enamored with the “Wolf-God” concept and are not intellectually or emotionally honest enough to acknowledge that this is the driving force behind their silliness. Since Fenris is the most “badass wolf” they seek to Exhalt that Entity on that basis alone, yet claim it is because the “feel connected to wolves” or some variation on that theme. If you feel “the call of Odin” and feel connected to wolves, why not revere Freki and Geri? At least that would demonstrate logical consistency as they are literally Odin’s Wolves. Loyalty to one would not conflict with Loyalty to the other. But the fact is, it isn’t about Loyalty, it is about edginess, and that is hollow and makes your practice a LARPy caricature of Tru spirituality.

  As for the “pantheists”, the same observations listed prior apply, but in an even more kaleidoscopic manner. It is rejecting and disrespecting the fundamental structure of each spiritual path that is being bastardized and incongruously hodgepodged to suit the whims of the individual’s eclectic mania. At it’s root is a highly inflated ego, to think that one’s “devotion” is so valuable, that multiple Entities actively seek out YOUR favor. It is laughable.

  I readily and actively acknowledge that the Entities of these various pantheons exist and are very real. But what is it about YOU that is so special that multiple Entities from multiple pantheons would seek you out and “offer themselves” as Patron or Matron deities? Ponder that.

  A house divided cannot stand. A fence sitter cannot be trusted. These inconvenient truths are not lies just because it makes someone uncomfortable facing the reality of who they are and what motivates them. I hope that the words I write help others come to understand themselves and the values they support. I want to empower those who seek to better themselves and foster an environment of mutual respect. Taking a good long look in the mirror and digging deep to root out the obstacles to growth and development is a necessary component of that.

Hail The Aesir!

Hail The Folk!


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