By Steven Speers

The Nature of Divination

To understand the nature and function of divination one must understand the nature and function of the temporal dimension and what is labeled as “time”. The associated Entities of the Norns, and Mother Frigga, have much to teach us in this respect.

  The Norns, Weavers of the Fates of Men, are not dictators, arbitrarily determining the destinies of each of us. We are not resigned to the role of marionettes just going through the motions directed by outside Entities. Yet they inarguably contribute to the process of shaping and merging that which was, that which is, and
That which is yet to be. That supportive role is what is often overlooked or misattributed.

  Like mothers, wives, and daughters, the Norns are at the Nexus of all these threads of lives that can either be a tangled mess, or a gorgeous tapestry that tells the tale of majestic feats and magic made real. This is their role, this is their duty. Whether it is embraced or shirked at each turn or opportunity is on those who step into that role.

  It is said the Mother Frigga knows the Fates of all men but stands silent, choosing never to speak on them. This is another commonly misinterpreted clue as to the Nature of Time and Potentialities.

  What do I mean by “Potentialities”? Let us look at the function and structure of time and how it relates to what we experience. All time occurs simultaneously. Past, present, and future are just drops of water in the Well of Urd.

  When you are born, every choice that you can make exists as a Potentiality. And as you make choices in your life, each Potentiality you did not chose ceases to be, reducing to a singularity. The Thread of your Existence. Your Doom. The Norns only work with what you give them. And how does this relate to Frigga? The Lady of the Distaff, who Weaves and Knows yet sits silent, for the one time cited where she acted on foreknowledge it ended disastrously. Again we look at the Nature of Potentialities, and how we Manifest our Intent.

  There are outcomes that could or will occur no matter what choices YOU make. The sun will set today in ever potentiality no matter what you do. Except in those where it doesn’t. That is an interesting caveat and paradox, but I don’t make these rules, I just detail what I witness. But I digress…

  As I have said before, we Manifest our Intent. What does that mean? It means we create what we focus on. If you focus on negative Potentialities, negative Potentialities are more likely to Manifest. The inverse also applies.

  So if all Potentialities Exist until they are reduced to a Singularity, which of these Potentialities should Mother Frigga speak on or act upon? The one she desires the most? The one most likely to occur? The one she fears the most as was the case with Baldur? Do you see the paradox in attempts to “shape the future”? Do you see the Wisdom in remaining silent and letting things unfold s the will, merely guiding and shaping in due course as befitting the station and role as Queen of Matrons?

  And where does that leave the rest of us who Dabble in Divination? What purpose are we fulfilling where we presume to speak when the Mother of Matrons, the Queen of Asgard herself would hold her peace?

  For a Tru practitioner of the Arts of Divination, one identifies patterns or cycles to manifest the desired potentiality or to make the most of the occurrences of the potentiality you are experiencing. That is it. We identify and seek to foster the manifestation of desired potentialities. What my purpose is in what I do is to facilitate understanding regarding the interconnectedness and flows of energies not just through us all but across the Realms. I seek to assist in elevating States of Consciousness to perceive things as the were, as they are, and as they may come to be.

  What we do with our lives is up to us, even if there are forces beyond our control. So we shape what we can as we will. We can foster the manifestation of benevolence or malevolence. Each of us has that ability.

Hail the Folk!

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  1. Tim

    Wow! As I just finished crafting my first set of runes, I open Facebook and find your comment, leading me here. I am new to embracing and practicing The Old Ways, the ways that guided my ancestors many, many years ago. I believe the Norns have allowed me to come across your work.


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